How many times have you been stalking out someone else’s style on the street and wanted to know where to get a piece like theirs? If you answered “a lot” then meet ASAP54. It’s the new app that allows you to shop…almost any fashion.

Using image recognition technology—which is fast becoming a fact of fashion and beauty in the digital age—stylists and social media, the ASAP54 app searches its database for the exact piece from a photo you’ve taken. The database is supported by retailers including Net-a-Porter, Barneys, Harrods, J Crew, Topshop and The Outnet. The piece can be from a snap of a complete stranger, magazine picture, or even a piece of fabric. If a search of its database doesn’t turn up an exact result, it recommends a number of similar items. The app is currently free and will probably remain free since the innovative new platform already has Ceyuan Ventures and Novel TMT on board as investors.

The London-based start up is also already boasting Cara Delevingne as a fan, but we’re not so sure we’re ready to embrace ASAP54.

Secretly taking photos of strangers was already uncertain territory to navigate. I’ve seen a pointing camera phone cause heads to whip inconspicuously in the the other direction, or hands to casually rise in front of faces to adjust perfect hair. Though the alternative is approaching the person and simply asking “where did you get that”?, which would completely eliminate the need for an app; while magazines also typically have shopping credits or ‘shop the shoot’ sections.

With that said, we’re not too sure about the need or want for an ASAP54. However, the app seems like a necessary step in fashion’s evolution in the digital realm, so we can’t completely knock it. In fact, we’re anticipating plenty of others knocking it off.

Get more on ASAP54 on Daily Mail.

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